Best of Wedding Photography | Ireland Wedding Photographer / by Bartek Witek

It has been great to wake - up and read such wonderful email:

Hello Bartek,

Congratulations! We’re writing to you to offer you an invitation to join Best of Wedding Photography. As you know, BOWP is an invitation-only membership group for top wedding photographers with very high standards for membership.
We spent time looking over your site and we love both your sense of style and your sense of fun - it infuses every one of your photo stories.
Your passion, skill and experience are clearly reflected in your imagery (and as re-iterated in the testimonials from your couples). We particularly enjoyed your elopement coverage of Kenneth and Stephanie – awesome. Overall, we love your bold, fresh, beautiful images that really capture the moments and the honesty of the events you document.
We hope that you will consider our invitation. You’re just the kind of photographer we’d love to see in the group, and we would be honored to count you among our members.

I am honored to be invited and find myself among so many great artists from over the world and only a few photographers from Ireland.
Thank you to my wonderful couples - it wouldn't be possible without you :)

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